October 11, 2018  9:00-10:00 A.M. EST

According to a study By Ascend, business owners say the top 3 benefits of automation are:
-Save Time
-Lead Generation
-Increased Revenue

You'll Learn: 
How to identify processes in your business that could be automated and save you 10+ hours a week!
How to determine which software and tools to use to streamline your business operations & scale faster!
How to document your processes and identify new opportunities for growth and retention!
How to determine what information needs to be communicated and when? 
How to measure the effectiveness of the processes you've automated?
According to Wishpond, 75% of businesses who implement automation experience a POSITIVE ROI in the first year! 

Distracted, pulled in multiple directions and feel like your spinning your wheels

Stressed out by endless to-do lists and monotonous tasks

Disappointed and feeling like your business is stuck and can't breakthrough to the next level 

Burned out and unmotivated, watching your goals slip by you

Frustrated with the inconsistent client experience that's causing you to lose GOOD clients


Focused with a clear vision for the future and strategy to reach your goals

Calm and relaxed because you've automated the repetitive tasks 

Happy - working on the business and celebrating new achievements

Energized and motivated, ready to overcome any obstacle in your way

Thrilled to have clients who rave about their experience with you and have become raving fans

Meet the Expert
"If there is one phrase my clients and colleagues hear the most from me it’s “I have an idea!” Ideas bring about change. I love helping my clients grow their businesses and become more successful. I do this by implementing innovative, yet cost-effective marketing strategies that result in new customer acquisition and increased client retention rates". - Kari Switala, Wild Fig Marketing